Our bikes are made to order. Get to know the purchase and production process:

1. Start of conversations and bicycle choosing

It all starts with a good conversation to understand the type of cyclist you are, your needs, and then choose the best bike for you, whether it be one of our stock models or a custom project.

We are always on hand to help with that. The best way to contact us is by email.

2. Order and entry into the production queue

Once the stock model or custom project is chosen, the next step is the payment of a fixed fee of R$500 (~ $100 usd) to confirm the order and enter the production queue.


Payment is made through the website, at the links below. It is deducted from the total value of the frameset and is non-refundable.

The final price of the project that we inform at this stage is an estimate. The costs of materials and parts may vary during the waiting period, and the final price may follow this variation.

3. Project design

The queue time until the start of production is essential to set the details of your project.

Please reply as completely as possible to the form we send after order confirmation. We strongly recommend that a professional bike fit is also made.

This informations are essential to optimize the geometry of the stock models for each cyclist or to create custom projects.

4. Production and lead time

The waiting time in the production queue is approximately 4 months.


When it is your time in production queue, we will contact you to confirm the final project to be built and to update the final quote according to project changes or price variations.


Here, 50% of the frameset price is charged to the purchase of the material and the production start.

The production time of the frameset is 1 to 2 months, depending on the project complexity and suppliers stock.

After production is done, the second payment of 50% of the frameset price is charged.

5. Painting

After production is done, it's time for painting.


Use the production waiting time to consult the colors and finishes available here .

6. Complete bicycles and assembly

Payments made during the production stages take into account the frameset price only.


For complete bicycles, the set of parts is budgeted and charged separately, and can be purchased at the beginning of production or at the end.

Currently, during the pandemic, the suppliers stocks are impaired, which is why we recommend purchasing the parts at the beginning of production, in order to guarantee availability at the time of assembly.

7. Assembly and shipping

With everything ready, assembled and packed, the freight is charged to carry out the shipment.

We ship worldwide. Check shipping prices on the FAQ page.

Now it's time to ride!