We believe that, for handcrafted bicycles like the ones we produce, steel is the best material.

With expertise and quality steel alloys it is possible to build the most comfortable, versatile and resistant bicycles, without sacrificing performance. And the bikes maintain these characteristics throughout their lives.


Steel is work-friendly and the joints made by fillet brazing result in a flawless finish. These features make it the number one choice for the most renowned framebuilders around the world.


We work with three different tubesets.

Know its characteristics to choose the right set for you.

CrMo 4130

The standard tubeset of our bikes, used in our models and custom projects.


A mix of 4130 chromoly and Columbus special tubes, it is the perfect combination to balance lightness, comfort and robustness.

Weight: For reference, a medium-sized frame weighs around 2.3 kg.

Columbus, Reynolds and Dedacciai

Available for custom projects.


We work with the best and most traditional brands in the world when it comes to steel cycling tubesets. The result is an exclusive and unique work of art, extremely light, comfortable and with the best performance.

Weight: For reference, a medium-sized frame is around 1.9kg.

Tubeset 288

Available for custom projects.


For those looking for a robust bicycle for daily use at a more affordable price, we recommend this mix of 1020 steel, 4130 chromoly and Columbus tubes.


288 is the number of the first frame to be produced with this mixed tubeset.


Weight: For reference, a medium-sized frame weighs about 2.7 kg.

Forks require special attention.

We only use parts from Columbus and Reynolds, according to the bike's brake system. This guarantees quality and durability.