Functional, durable and stylish. A handmade rack made of steel and joined by fillet brazing, guaranteeing safety, robustness and a great finish.

Micro-adjustments make installation easy and compatible with most brakes and forks.



Compatible with 700c or 26” rim, mounted on the wheel axle and the rim brake hole.

31cm wide, 28cm long and 37-41cm height.

Weight: 1,2kg.

Max load: 30kg, recommended 15kg due to handling.

Front rack - 700c to 26" rims

  • Compatible with 700c, 29 and 26 rims.

    Base size: 31cm wide, 28cm long

    Height: adjustable, 37-41cm.

    Weight: 1.3kg.

    Maximum load: 30kg, 15kg recommended due to handling.

    Color: matte black.