Since 2012 we have build bespoke bikes.

The entire development and manufacturing process for each bicycle is done by us, in Porto Alegre / RS, Brazil.

República is made up of cyclists. Each with their own stories, experiences and styles. In common, there is a love for these machines that move us, literally and figuratively, to explore our interior and the world around us.

We strongly believe in “do it yourself”, in the beauty of what is done by hand, with love, sweat and blood. We believe and live these words, and our products carry that.

We want customers and friends who share these ideas, who believe not only in weight and performance; but also want each ride to be fun and memorable above all.


Fernando Pavão (dir.)

Framebuilder e fundador da empresa, cuida da produção e projetos.

Angelo Trois (esq.)

Responsável pela parte comercial e de mídias.